Dylan Thomas

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Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas was born on October 27, 1914 in Swansea, Wales. His

father was a teacher and his mother was a housewife. Thomas was a

sickly child who had a slightly introverted personality and shied away

from school. He didn’t do well in math or science, but excelled in

Reading and English. He left school at age 17 to become a journalist.

In November of 1934, at age 20, he moved to London to continue to

pursue a career in writing. His first collection of poems called 18

Poems was released in 1934. Many people loved his work, and he gained

instant recognition. His second collection released in 1936, 25 Poems,

was also popular. The year he released his second collaboration of

poems was also the year that he met his future wife, Caitlin

MacNamera. They decided to get married in July of 1937, and moved to

Laugharne, Wales in 1938. One year later, they had their first child,

Llewelyn. He was followed by Aeronwyn in 1943 and Colm in 1949.

Thomas’ poetry reflected much about his life style and outlandish way

of thinking. He was particularly interested in writing about death,

and most of his poems have hidden messages relating to death and his

fascination with it. Thomas went back and forth with religion, the

meaning of life, and what happens in the after life. His fickle

beliefs went from joyous faith in God to extreme religious doubt.

Thomas’ vacillating religious beliefs had a lot to do with his

reckless lifestyle and love for the drink. He would often go out to

the bars and be gone for hours at a time, leaving his worried wife and

children oblivious to what he was doing. His wife soon found out about

his problem, and became concerned. His drinking began to get out of

control when he would get ...

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...ink Dylan Thomas set out to convey a message

about not giving up on anything but especially not on and he certainly

gets this point over meaning his poem is very successful. Christina

Rossetti tries to get a very different message across and she's trying

to help people accept the death of people they loved. Her poem is also

effective as it calms and tries to soothe the reader into accepting

dying is a part of life and yes we may be sad but we have to learn to

live with it, to accept it and to cope with it as life goes on Dylan

Thomas' poem made more of an impact on me because it is so much more

powerful and I can feel the atmosphere he creates. Also I agree with

how he feels and what his poem says which always helps when trying to

create an impact. I like the narrator's perspective in Thomas' poem,

which is effective in enabling me to empathize with him.

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