Dust Bowl Essay

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The Great Dust Bowl of the 1930’s

The great dust bowl of the 1930’s was a very traumatic disaster that affected the lives of many. Not only did the dust bowl affect humans but it also affected animals and their homes too.
The type of biome where dust bowls are known to occur is in the temperate grasslands. The typical climate in a temperate grassland biome includes very cold winters that drop below -40 degrees Fahrenheit and very warm summers that exceed over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The precipitation level ranges from 10 to 35 inches per year. Most of the precipitation in this biome occurs during late spring and early summer.
Temperate grassland biomes can be found in North America, Africa, the pampas of South America and many parts of Eurasia. Grass is the main plant in Temperate Grassland biomes, trees and shrubs are rare to see in this type of biome. Temperate grasslands also have an extremely high abundance of wildlife. The wildlife living in this biome includes bison and pronghorn sheep, but mainly the animals most affected were the cattle and horses that lived on the surrounding farms.
Some of the many contributing factors that cause a dust bowl include poor agricultural practices, extended periods of drought, high temperatures and wind erosion. The main contributor to the dust bowl was the poor agricultural practices. Farming and agriculture was such an important task for farmers to keep up with because if farmers failed to keep up with their land and crops, then the crops and land that was growing would begin to deteriorate into compost. Once broken down into little grains of dirt and dust, the wind would pick it up in bulk amounts and travel throughout the country gathering more and more as it goes on. Finally, a huge ...

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...could be a rerun of the dust bowl though. This would be possible if there were worse weather conditions and the wind picked up on the plains again. This would create a lot of major conflict again. The residents would have to up and leave all of their belongings and move away from their familiar homes. This would result in another loss of farms, crops, animals, and even some people’s lives.
Overall, many humans and animals were impacted severely, even killed from the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. This included several cattle, sheep, horses, chickens, and many other farm animals. The crops and farms all suffered a great loss and the homes and the people that lived inside of them also suffered a great upheaval of their familiar lives. This ruined many people’s jobs and ways to make a living. All together, this was a very traumatic experience for all of the people involved.
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