Duddy Kravitz Analysis

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The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz The influence of others can have a major impact on someone’s life; shaping both their belief and their behaviour. This is definitely the case in the Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz. On his journey, toward becoming a ”‘somebody” several character's influence Duddy Kravitz negatively. Max Kravitz is not the best role model for Duddy, as he lies to him, assumes the worse for him, and degrades women. Uncle Benjy unintentionally teaches him violence, drinking, and what to do in a relationship. Jerry Dingleman, best known as “The Boy Wonder”, discourages Duddy and shows how Duddy can cheat his way to success. These three characters affect Duddy kravitz throughout his strive into becoming a successful man in the future. Max kravitz lacks the ability to be a good role model for Duddy Kravitz. Max does not realize how …show more content…

Max laughs at his assumption and replies,”Ixnay. He's not gonna be a sawbones. Duddy’s a dope like me.”(23). When Max explains to drapeau that Duddy is a “dope” like himself, it lowers Duddy’s self-esteem and makes him think badly about himself. By saying that Duddy is similar to Max it clarifies that Duddy would not be very successful, and will not go any further than a profession as a taxi driver. This is not a good influence for Duddy as Max does not encourage him to be something better, hurts Duddy’s confidence, does not believe in him, and clearly shows that he talks more of Lennie than Duddy.Throughout Duddy’s life he never had a proper mother figure. The only glimpse and idea Duddy has of women is from his father who treats them with no respect. While Max is at Eddy’s Cigar & Soda, there is a woman waiting for him named Josette, who gets treated with no respect by Max, “ I haven’t got all night. Let’s go’...’You're hurting me’ Josette said”(29). As these violent actions happen toward Josette, it confirms that Max does

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