Drug Abuse Case Study

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Question 1 The high rates of drug abuse within this country is very high. Many people suffer from drug addictions and the effects that it causes. However, it is a moral panic when a plethora of juveniles are experiencing different types of drugs at such a young age. As children, they are in the developmental stages of their life, and drugs tend to disrupt the growth and development of the youth on a daily basis. There are different trends of drug use among the people of our society and they all serve different purposes .People use drugs in celebrations, rituals, coping purposes, and for pain relief (Bates & Swan, 2014 p.246). Celebrations is one of the most common trends that people participate in for drug usage. These celebrations can be…show more content…
The political and religious environment used drugs and alcohol since the beginning of time. As for the political setting, it was their way of interacting with each other by toasting achievements or special announcements. Religious centers used an excessive amount of alcohol to associate with higher powers in their religion. Alcohol was a very necessary tool to connect in a church setting. In these particular cases, drugs and alcohol were viewed in an innocent way compared to how they are viewed now. Drugs and alcohol are highly used for coping purposes within the society. During depression and hard times, people would revert to drugs and alcohol to cope with tough situations. Countless of people suffering from mental disorders such as anxiety and depression lead to an extreme amount of drug use. Drugs are often used for pain relievers as well. Prescription drugs is one of the main causes of death in this world today. There are many reasons why people use and abuse drugs. It is important to understand that our history is based off drug usage before it was seen as morally wrong or evil. The reasons for drug use have expanded over time and many younger people are finding those reasons to use them. It has become a trend in explicit music, videos, and even schools. “Marijuana, Ecstasy, Hallucinogens, and Cocaine are very common trends for juveniles,” (Bates & Swan, 2014…show more content…
It causes many problems in families, schools, and health related issues within the society. “In 2010, 2.3 million visits to the hospital involved such use, and of that total 3.8%, or 189,060 incidents, involved underage drinking of alcohol or drinking and taking drugs together,” (Bates & Swan, 2014 p.256). This study supports that juveniles are not physically capable enough to handle the harsh effects of drugs and alcohol. Most importantly, they are not mentally capable of handling related substance abuse

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