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This prompt is from a one line generator Prompt: She clung on to the piece of driftwood, praying for daylight. Please criticize it, but kindly. Tell me what I can do better and if you want more. Story-- She clung on to the piece of driftwood, praying for daylight. Darkness swarmed around her shielding her eyes from anything, she could only see the rough wood under her arms and the fierce rolling water around her body. She was tired and no longer wanted to tread water to keep herself up. Her mind was clouded, one minute she was walking with her father the next it was pitch black and she was surrounded by freezing cold water. As she pushed herself to recall what had happened voices floated around her. She whipped her head around hoping someone was out searching for her. But the voices stopped and she knew she was …show more content…

She swerved around on the wood, eyes becoming wide as she saw the drop off of water. She started to swiftly move her legs, doing nothing against the current. She realized that she didn't want to die, not here and not now. Darkness still hung low over the world the thick canopy of leaves doing nothing for her vision. Nothing moved in the woodland except the girl stuck in the river. She splashed and thrashed through the torrential currents among for where she suspected the shore would be. The water pulled and grabbed her legs, carrying her closer to the water fall. Thundering and splashing was all she heard now. The dead silence of night was replaced with the crashing of water against rocks. How she longed to be back where she was before, resting limply on the pice of floating wood. The current pulled the bark away, the waves ate it whole. She panicked, her heart was racing arms and legs burning. She didn't think she could go on anymore. The river was beating her, pulling her away, away from her father and life. She was sure if she went down the waterfall she would

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