Downfall Of North Korea Essay

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The U.S. should start preparing for a long awaited scenario: The downfall of North Korea. No matter how long you take care of something, or try to protect it; it will never last. The same rule applies to governments, especially North Korea’s. North Korea has been around for a long time, and due to the surroundings and circumstances through which it stands, it has been able to maintain itself. In addition to that, its first leader Kim II Sung did a pretty good job at keeping his people in constant fear, and up to this date; his successors have made sure to keep the tradition going. Today the world is very different from what it was 50 years ago; roughly the amount of time North Korea has been standing, and just like communism faded away so will this communist state. The future of North Korea is most likely a downfall due to its young leader and his radical changes in government, the weak economy, and a possible revolt by the countries elite. North Korea is subject to downfall due to the Country’s new leader and his radical changes in government. Something admirable about the U.S. constitution is that it specifically outlines the age requirements of a president. The reason being for that is so we don’t have young and unwise men like North Korea’s current leader Kim Jong-un to be in control of such a powerful position. When Kim Jong-un became the supreme leader in 2011, he was barely in his late 20’s. At that age, you see many people coming out of college; not ruling a country. That’s also and age in where your brain is still trying to fully develop, so any decisions you decide to make during this time won’t always be the wisest compare to someone who has been living a pretty long time now. And that’s exactly what Mr. Jong-un ... ... middle of paper ... ...vice. This could come more precisely from captains who have a ton of power in government because in a dictatorship, there’s only enough power for one, and according to Jong-un; that’s him. Nevertheless, if the elite do revolt, the world should be prepared because North Korea’s downfall won’t be a pretty one. In conclusion, what the countries leader is doing to his people and government workers is only creating a deep resentment that will soon explode. It may not be now, but sooner or later it will happen. The weak economy is only creating more hunger, and whether they realize it’s their leaders fault or not, they will be demanding him food. The elite on the other hand, will revolt due to fear of execution. All these events help contribute to the demise of communist North Korea, the only question that remains is, when will it happen? And is the world prepare for it?

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