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The movie Dope, written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa, follows the story of Malcolm through his senior year of high school in the Inglewood California. He lives in a poor neighborhood, with only his mom, yet he still strives for greatness. He has a couple of friends, and they all love 90’s hip hop culture. They try to do their best to stay out of trouble and away from bullies. Malcolm sees a girl he likes and ends up following her to a drug dealer’s birthday party. When the cops bust the birthday party, he unknowingly goes home with all the drugs and the gun that the drug dealer owns. This sets off a wild chain reaction, as he now has to sell these drugs to payoff the supplier, who happens to be the Harvard Alumni that Malcolm’s needs approval …show more content…

They rock classic 90’s clothes and Malcolm sports a flat top haircut. This movie doesn’t have a lot of explosions any other things that would require CGI, which was breath of fresh air. Most movies now use CGI throughout most of the films, but this movie didn’t have any. This movie was all about social issues so there was not need for CGI. This movie was mostly about stereotypes and being able to make the best out of a bad situation. Malcolm gets stereotyped throughout the movie. Many times he is asked who he is and his response each time is “I am Malcolm”. People keep trying to fit him into a certain category, but he doesn’t. He says because of that he has a better perspective on the world around him. This movie also touches on other social issues like race. Dope is a great movie that mixes many aspects of race, sexuality, and stereotypes while still being funny yet a bit serious. I would rate this movie a 9 out of 10. It is definitely worth watching, as many of the other movies out are just remakes or sequels. This movie is original and will keep you interested and entertained right up until the

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