Dog Behavior: Should Dogs Be Blame for ther Agressive Behavior?

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All living organisms on Earth is created through genetics. Our traits, or genes, composes who we are. In our genetic makeup there are traits that hold certain qualities that are different from others. Genes determine our height, skin color, and presumably defines a bit of our personality. This genetic variety makes it easier for us to understand ourselves better and at the same time our indifference from others. When humans are conceived , we have no control of the genes that we will inherit. However, in the case of animals such as the pit bull, the ease of manufacturing a dog to our desire is shocking. People breed dogs a certain way to obtain their ideal pet. As a direct result, people fall short to fully take into account for the genetic deviation, in particular the intensity of aggressiveness. In that aspect, irresponsible owners produce a situation where their lack of knowledge of dogs steers to mauling and confirms that reckless breeding on their part generates faulty behavior; therefore owners, not dogs are to be accused for the occurrences.

The inadequate knowledge of dog psychology in owners not only unveils their neglect of responsibility, but models their poor assessment in dog behavior pertaining to the individual breed; in addition, it confirms their shortage of precautionary measures to suppress aggression within the dog. In Dawn Kapp’s “It’s More About Owner Than Dog,” owners overlook their incapacity to meet the desires of the certain breed. When a person acquires an animal, its essential to acknowledge all “responsibility.” And by this, owners must study about the precise breed, it’s personality type and be able train and “socialize” them. Some owners however, discount the need to adjust early signs of dis...

... middle of paper ... if owners “socialize” and correct bad behaviors when they are puppies. Owners believe that “play[ing]” with the dog creates a happy and possibly well- behaved dog. Unlike children, dogs don’t require that kind of attention. Though dogs that become “domesticated pets” are still genetically animals. People forget that animals have no locus of control when faced with potential danger. Then again, like any living thing in the world we go into “fight-or-flight” response. That is, we either attack or run. In this case, its merely a means of survival for dogs. People tend to treat their pets like their children showering them with unnecessary things. People expect pets to behave like children rather than animals. Making the mistake of genetically altering a once “normal” dog to a “dangerous” one is our fault, not the dogs. Therefore; simply put, dogs are not to blame.
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