Does Poverty Fosters Crime?

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Can you believe that 60% of rural children in the United States are living in poverty? Poverty is one out of many problems that America faces today. So, where does this all start? It starts with education. Education plays a huge role in this problem because most of America is not fully educated. They cannot get jobs to support their families, like farming and such. So, what about the families in poverty that live in metropolitan areas? They are faced with more problems than people in rural communities. They turn to crime because it is the only way they can provide their household and family. By examining the causes, rural crimes, health issues and statistics of poverty, crime does foster poverty.
There are many causes of poverty, starting with corruption. Corruption is a deceptive conduct by those in power who try to keep those who are in poverty trapped within their situations. When people think of corruption, they think of politics and rich leaders. Leaders from wealthy countries tell those who are already in poverty about loans and aid that they can offer. The less fortunate, not very aware of what they put themselves in are building a deeper hole with debt. The leaders from those wealthy countries are making more money also by taxing the less fortunate and receiving the money that they loaned to them. Those who are already poor try hard to provide for their families with the money they make from their jobs. Many of them lack education so it is hard to have well-paying jobs. “Poverty is the state for the majority of the world’s people and nations. Why is this? Is it enough to blame poor people for their own predicament?” (“Causes of Poverty” 5) Therefore, corruption is one cause of poverty.
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...elling illegal things to provide for their families so they can get proper treatment to survive. Many people who live in these indigenous communities use health services less than those in the modern communities because they cannot afford it. By examining the causes, rural crimes, health issues and statistics of poverty, crime does foster poverty.

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