Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Essay

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In the science fiction novel “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick empathy in incorporated throughout the entire novel. Philip Kindred Dick is an award winning american novelist and short story writer who primarily wrote about science fiction. Philip K. Dick writing mostly focused on the psychological battles and altered state of being. The novel takes place in the near future earth after a nuclear war, World War Terminus has occurred, leaving the planet filled with radiation making it hard for the humans to live and their lives have become sacred. Rick Deckard is a police officer trying to terminate the androids in 2021, androids are human duplicates. Within the novel many complicated emotions are being addressed; love, loneliness, and empathy which are the basic human emotions. The picture that is being illustrated in the novel is dark, depressing, and disturbing. The humans and the androids try to portray themselves to be very distinct from each other but in reality …show more content…

Androids and humans are being contrasted in the novel; Humans are only aware of the desire they long for, humans and androids feel an urge to belong, humans can see the deeper meaning to almost everything in life yet androids see situations very literal. Both the humans and the androids are in search for empathy, to be able to feel and relate to one another. In the novel, Garland says “ I think you’re right; It would seem we lack a specific talent you humans posses. I believe it’s called empathy”(Dick 124). This quote demonstrates that the android believe that they cannot relate to the humans. Yet they fail to understand the bigger picture. That the humans are very much disconnected with themselves and that around them. The humans do not know what it means to experience a feeling, the majority of their feelings come from the empathy box. Philip K. Dick view of human nature inherently is overall viewed in a negative

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