Disadvantages In Medieval Europe

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Mongols nomadic lifestyle helped shape their religion and other aspects of their society. Their main religion was Shamanism, which is more of a way of life rather than a religion. They worshipped spiritual elements that’s in the natural earth (2). Many of the people who composed the khuriltai were Shamanism and another religion, such as Buddhism, Daoism, and Islam. This could partially be due to the fact that they were on a conquest to capture cities gaining land. They were not looking to expand their religion but rather to gain wealth through raiding cities. Most of these cities already had an established religion, so instead of forcing conversions onto the people of that city the primary ruler of that portion would convert or adapt some…show more content…
The main goal of this Article was to express the cruelty and hardships that the Jews in Europe faced during persecution. He used a gathering of different journals, articles, books, and pictures to gather a vivid image of the way most Jews lived during this time. For example, he used different minutes or recording from masses and gathering of church officials. Many of the sources he used could have been interpreted wrong due to that fact that they were mostly transcripts and the meaning of words could be ganged with just one letter being wrong causing a different analysis of the text. European views of religion were very different from that of the Mongols, but were similar to that of other places in this time period, making Europe an excellent place to compere and contrast the Mongols to. The main difference in the two is that the Mongols the expressed freedom of religion no matter what the religion might be, while the Europeans felt that Christianity was superior over other religions and going against their views publically was against the law. Before the persecution of Jews began, Jews and Christians tried to live two completely separate lifestyles. Some Jews did not like this separation and wanted to become a part of the European society instead of living in their ghetto. Christian leaders would try to force the baptism of Jews who would not willingly baptize or convert. This caused many tensions within the marriages of Jews, because both the wife and husband had to be baptized or they would divorce. Many of the Jewish family would turn on each other to save themselves from punishment and hostility due to not being baptized. This hostility was not only seen on Jews, but of any religion that was not the main religion of that region. This harsh punishment and conversion was not seen in the Mongol lifestyle. The Mongols were

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