Diplomacy Strategies

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Thomas Schelling’s book The Strategy of Conflict explains the vast strategies and theories used during a time of conflict. Throughout his novel, Schelling brings up many strategies and tactics that can be directly related to a successful campaign within the game Diplomacy, created by Realpolitik. The use of the different strategies explained throughout the book can lead to a player dominating his opponents, if he/she is able to comprehend and execute the strategies in a precise manner. Thomas C. Schelling brings up many different strategies that can be used during a conflict and how they may affect the outcome of this dilemma. Such strategies include the use of bargaining, strategic moves, randomization of promises and threats and the use of surprise attacks and reciprocal surprise attacks. These strategies were instrumental in the successful execution of moves with the game of Diplomacy that can be seen during Smirnova Practice and Vinny New games. Many of the students that participated in these two games made attempts to use the strategies explained throughout The Strategy of Conflict. Schelling classified conflicts into two different types, a zero-sum and a nonzero-sum game. A zero-sum game is a mathematical representation of a situation in which a participant's gain or loss is exactly balanced by the losses or gains of the other participant or participants. A situation in which participants can all gain or suffer together is known as a nonzero-sum game. Through these two different types of games, the real defining characteristic of a zero-sum game, compared to a nonzero-sum game, is that the sum of all gains by a player or group of players is equal to the sum of all losses for every possible outcome of that game while in... ... middle of paper ... ...understand them. Throughout The Strategy of Conflict we learn about the various different strategies and tactics used during conflicts and how and when they should be used to gain the upper hand on an opposing side of the dilemma. Works Cited Avalon Hill C/o Hasbro Games. The Rules of Diplomacy. Pawtucket: Avalon Hill C/o Hasbro Games, 1999. Avalon Hill Games and Hasbro, Inc. Web. 20 Apr. 2011. . Mous, Vincent, and Hasbro, Inc. "Modern Diplomacy Variant." Modern Diplomacy Variant (1994): 1-4. Web. 20 Apr. 2011. . Schelling, Thomas C. The Strategy of Conflict. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1980. Print.

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