Digital Attachment: Praise for the Internet

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Digital Attachment: Praise for the Internet

For the past few years, the digital world has captured my attention. A

creation made in 1969 by the Defense Department has become my release from

reality; a way to explore, learn, and discover something new day after day. The

Information Super-Highway is my community. As with almost everything, being

attached to something so strongly has both positive and negative effects.

For some people, the Internet is nothing more and nothing less than a

bundle of information. For others such as myself, the Internet is not only a form

of learning - it's a way to express myself. For example, owning a personal

webpage gives me the opportunity to express myself in a way that is much

different from offline expression. Not only is it an emotional release, but I can

also incorporate my artistic abilities within the layout. Chatrooms are a fantastic

form of communication. One has the opportunity to speak with someone in a

different country without the cost of long distance charges. The knowledge one

can gain from viewing an educational, informative website is phenominal. It can

do anything from helping you with a term-paper, to keeping track of your

ancestry. These examples all reflect the positive effects of the digital world.

On the other hand, the Internet somewhat resembles the game

Telephone. Accurate information is hard to come across when browsing the

Web for educational purposes. One must research several pages to acquire

correct information. The Internet tends to tear you away from important things

such as family and friends. Because the Internet is a fairly new concept, it

remains interesting - thus pulling you in from your every day life. Another

negative effect I've aquired is my personal dependency on the Web when

dealing with emotion. Most people have a paper diary - mine is consisted of

HTML (HyperText Markup Language). Without the Internet, I would definitely be

a different person mentally.

Comparing my attachment to the Internet in comparison with Bettelheim's

theories is a somewhat easy task. Bettelheim had the notion that if one is too

involved in his/her community, they may be shielded from crucially important

truths. I'm shielded from the actuality of every day life. I experience things in
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