Diffusion And Osmosis Essay

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Diffusion and osmosis refer to passive transport systems where molecules and ions move down concentration gradients driven by thermal motion. The concentration gradients are setup in solutions in living systems that are separated by biological membranes. Diffusion refers to the spontaneous movement of particles, molecules, or ions from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. The process occurs slowly without any expenditure of energy. Diffusion occurs in liquids and gases. An example of diffusion is the movement of the smell of a spray from the point of spraying to the rest of the room. On the other hand, osmosis refers to the movement of molecules of a solvent such as water from an area of low concentration to an area of higher concentration. It is a special type of diffusion that occurs in reverse. An example of osmosis is the process through which animal cells feed on the food they partake. Thus, diffusion and osmosis are called passive transport systems because they enable cells of living systems to move molecules in …show more content…

Diffusion is caused by the concentration gradient, physical flow of material, molecules until the concentration gradient reaches a point of equilibrium. In both diffusion and osmosis, movement of molecules takes place up to a certain point when equilibrium – osmotic balance – is achieved. Osmoregulation is the process through which organisms maintain osmotic balance – a balance in the concentration of solutes and water across semipermeable membranes also called homeostasis. The importance of osmoregulation is to enable cells of take up water and nutrients while excreting wastes such as sweat and urine. Thus, osmoregulation enables organisms to maintain the optimal internal fluid

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