Difference Between Individual Differences And Personality

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Individual Difference and Personality as explained
All of us are different from one another in one way or other; even twins who share the same DNA have different personalities. Parents who exposed their children to same environment expect their children to behave in the same way, but in reality a child who is calm will react differently against a child who is impatient and nervous.
Personality is a celebration of uniqueness to each of us. But the question really is why is everyone different and why we acts differently given various stimuli?
Each individual’s experience is unique and no two persons have the same feelings and experiences even when confronted with the same situation. The uniqueness of an individual is explained by different theories of personality, such as psychoanalytic, behaviorist, humanistic and cognitive. In fact, one of the leading theories is that a certain neurotransmitter plays an important role in the development and expression of personality traits and some researches even suggest that dopamine is related to extraversion and impulsivity.
For every situation, each of us has different reactions that maybe negative or positive. It all depends on how we perceive it. Since every person goes through different situation from childhood to adulthood, a person tends to associate his feelings to his past experiences. Just like Psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud which states that early life and family life of an individual affects his sexual drives and the unconscious affects those drives including the non-sexual drives. Bandura, on the other hand, stressed that personality is affected by modeling and behaviorist model focuses on observable behavior and therefore studies the elements of personality that c...

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...ith several stimuli affect our perception and experiences which in turn, greatly influence our personality.
Thus, each individual uses a unique set of personal constructs in interpreting and predicting events and thus a presentation of certain stimulus cause a certain degree of change in the perception.
Individuals have an inherent traits and cognition in his body and system, it is who they were initially, however, it is the environment which greatly contributes to their personality.
In today’s world, people are more tolerant and accepting with those considered to be not within normal before. Nowadays, people have more choices in achieving their self actualization and worth. People are no longer limited with what considered as good or evil but by what can make you fulfilled based on your schemas and how will you define yourself in this world of complexities.

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