Difference Between A Chef And Sous Chef

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A family walks into a restaurant and orders a meal. The father orders a steak and mashed potatoes and the mother orders a shrimp scampi. They also order a cheesecake for dessert. They wait about 15 - 20 minutes and their orders come out piping hot and beautifully plated. They will never know the chefs that cooked their food and the work that went into it. There are a number of people responsible for preparing the food and making sure it is the best quality it can be , but the most important positions are an executive chef and a sous chef . An executive chef is the main chef that manages all the other chefs. A sous chef is the position right under the executive chef and plays a vital role as well. And while the job of the executive chef and sous chef are similar in many ways, such as compensation, education and challenging but rewarding work, but there are also drawbacks such as work environment, work schedule and high stress. One major benefit of an executive chef is compensation. Culinary arts is a high risk job; they constantly work around hot objects, sharp knives, slippery floors, usually at a fast pace, and they do not get paid very much. According to the webpage “…show more content…
Chefs are constantly pushed to their maximum performance. They are multitasking from one thing to another to get things done. Chef 's find this very rewarding because people they have so much passion. Even if one person says there food is good that is enough for them to keep going and to keep pushing themselves. To be honest chefs have mixed feelings about being a chef. On one hand they have to deal with burns, cuts, long hours and intense stress. But on the other hand chefs feel like they learn new things everyday, get to create things, a sense of purpose and the fact that they won’t go hungry. As reported by Linda Davies “I enjoy how food makes people happy. I like watching their faces as they eat what I’ve

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