Dieter Rams: A German Industrial Designer

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Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer, is famous for industrial design. Dieter worker for Braun who was an electrical appliance manufacturer, and he worked there as a designer from 1955 to 1995. During the time, The radios, shavers, juicers, clocks, record players and other products he designed for Braun are marvels of industrial design: beautiful, unobtrusive and simple to use. Rams had also a heavy influence on Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Designer, Jonathan Ives, for many of Apple’s well-known products. During the 1970s, according to his design experiences, Dieter Rams started to define his approach to "good design" by forming ten principles. These principles apply to all fields of design: fashion, furniture, auto, tech, etc. “I never trusted instruction manuals,” Mr. Rams said. “We all know that most people don’t read them.” He insisted that the operating systems of Braun’s products should be as simple and logical as possible. Buttons, dials and switches were arranged in an orderly sequence. Color coding was used for guidance: red for “off,” green for “on”...

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