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In life each student has a different experience in high school. Base on their involvement or their socialization. On how their past has been and what knowledge they have and what their goals might be in life. In some social theories believe that his involvement in school activities and socialization can have a correlation on whether or not they will act more deviant. A new student is more likely to be deviant if they are enrolled junior year because of The Control Theory, socialization, and conformity. For a new student the Control Theory can affect them in the way they act and can show how they will be more likely deviant. The fact that Max was new to this school and figured that they would only be at the school for a short time they decided to be deviant. By being rude to the teachers and other students getting into fights and becoming suspended and were surprised to find out that they were staying at the school after all. By being unwilling to socialize or join group activities caused Max to be willing to act up and be more rude then if he got to know the people in the school better. Another time when the Control Theory was followed was when part of the rules for one family on Wife Swap made Mike and Tom had to go to school. After the mother there was concerned that they were not being given the opportunity to improve their academics with being homeschooled. In order to rebel the boys got into fights and hit the teacher causing them to be expelled in school. Rather than taking a chance and trying out schooling and seeing if they would enjoy any part of it they decide to view all of it as being bad. For some tv shows like Gilmore Girls, one character named Jess went into the town as a rebellious teenager who was not willing to b... ... middle of paper ... ...eviant. If a student was to be enrolled in a new high school junior year they would more likely be deviant because of conformity, socialization, and the Control Theory. When entering a new school the fact that they do not know the other students and the other students don’t know them can lead to peer pressure. These new students can end up being deviant against their morals because of the idea of them only having one chance to get friends in the first place. Being new and unaware of what is expected of people in school can also cause for people to be deviant. Such as Cady going from the homeschooling life to a high school she can be unaware of some of the normal parts of a school day that can be seen as usual such as asking to go to the bathroom and can lead to them being viewed as deviant. With out the social connections a new student will most likely be deviant.
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