Destiny, Fate and Free Will in Homer's Odyssey - Test for Destiny

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The Odyssey: The Test for Destiny Throughout The Odyssey man is continually being tested to determine his destiny. He is tested for loyalty, determination, and valor. Odysseus along with many other characters have to conquer these values to determine their destiny. For example Odysseus is tested for loyalty to Penelope while out at sea. Then tested for his determination to get home. At times he was doubtful, but he never gave up. And lastly he was tested for his valor. He fought many battles to get home. And in the end it all turned out how he wanted it because he has passed all of his tests for his destiny. His destiny was determined by him, he truly wanted to get home, and indeed he did. Loyalty is a very important element in one’s life. When Odysseus is testing all of the men and women he once counted on before he went away, he tests them to see how loyal to him they all still are. One man he tested for loyalty is Eumaeus, "Thus spoke Odysseus- making trial of the swineherd to see if he would longer give him a hearty welcome and urge his staying at the farm, or if he would send his strait way to town"(148). Eumaeus’ decision will base Odysseus’ decision on whether to trust Eumaeus or not for his loyalty to Odysseus. If Eumaeus decides to send the "old man" or Odysseus out to town and not allow him to stay with him at the farm that shows that Eumaeus is no longer kind hearted, and he will go along with the rest of the suitors with the destiny of despair. But if he decides to let the old man stay with him then Odysseus can trust him. Of course Eumaeus allows the old man to stay with him, and at that time Odysseus knew that Eumaeus was able to be trusted, and he could rely on him to help destroy the... ... middle of paper ... ...suitors were willing to do anything in their power to get Penelope in their hands. Odysseus did like one man of all the suitors, "Indeed Amphinomus you seem a man of understanding…"(176). It is not as if Odysseus wanted to automatically kill all of the suitors, it is just instinct to go after a rich, beautiful woman, so he gave one man he liked a chance to get out while he could, but the man did not listen to Odysseus. Throughout all of the lives that were handled by the gods, all of them had to go under some sort of test. Odysseus is the main man with this whole life being one giant test. He was tested numerous times to see if he was worth what he wanted. He was tested with loyalty, determination, and valor. All of which are vital elements of one’s life, in one way or another.

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