Desiree's Baby

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In the short story “Desiree’s Baby” made by Kate Chopin, there is a racial indifference between a father and has colored child. Desiree is of course the mother of this child. The story is very controversial between race and how there were treated and denied. This has a very good example about how women were treated during the time. Marxism is seen throughout the story and it is obviously seen if you are giving some examples.

Aristotle’s three key elements to a plot are also shown. The Hamartia, Desiree has a problem with her child who is black. The Anagorisis, Armand (Desiree’s husband) finds out about the situation and banishes Desiree from the house. The Peripeteia, Desiree realizes that no one wants her or her baby anymore, so she decides to run from the world and is never seen again.

The story revolves around Desiree and her household along with the young baby. Desiree and husband Armand is the bourgeoisie of the story. The slaves/blacks and the workers of the house are the proletariats. Once Desiree discovers that the baby is a true black she wants to consult with Armand a...
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