Descriptive Essay On Deadly Halloween

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Deadly Halloween

The date is 31st October 2003, also known as Halloween. Three friends, Tommy, Landon and Cassandra have planned to go trick or treating. They wanted to try something new this year. They have been friends for a long time, and they always go trick or treating in the same neighborhood. It had always been a great neighborhood to trick or treat, but as the years gone by the decorations are very familiar. This year Landon got his driver's license and he got permission to borrow their car for Halloween. They have heard about this amazing place with decorations so scary and so realistic that it felt like a horror movie. There was a catch though, they would have to drive for one hour through the cornfields. They decided it was worth it and started driving.

While driving the car started to sound a little strange, but Landon told Cassandra and Tommy that there was nothing to
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Cassandra turned around and ran to the door, but Tommy wasn’t ready to give up on his friend yet. He got to his feet and grabbed tightly around the crowbar that Landon had passed him just a few moments ago. He walked one step at a time towards the coffin to get Landon, it had no effect… with the same ease and grace as before one of the silhouettes shoved him back while dodging all of his uncontrolled swings with the crowbar. Cassandra shouted at him to come back and just get out of there, after another failed attempt he realized he had no choice but to run and find help elsewhere.
They ran out of the building to the ringing of an old clock striking twelve and called the police and the firefighters and all of their parents, anyone who would listen.
As the police arrived they went back in but they returned with a disappointed look on their face and started talking to Landon's parents but not condoling, they asked if he had ever run away
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