Depression And Depression In Amy Zhang's Falling Into Place

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In the book Falling Into Place, Amy Zhang uses characterization to establish the theme of depression is a huge part of teenagers lives even if it doesn't stand out. The main character Liz does not care about anyone but herself and it is portrayed in the act of when she decides to tests Newton’s law and tries to end her own life by driving her car off the side of the road. She specifically drove far away from where she lives so that no one that knows, or loves her would ever find her. Her mother and some of her close friends are the only ones really devastated after finding this out and seeing her in the hospital. At her school even the teachers think it is some sort of a blessing that she does not have to attend their classes anymore, and the…show more content…
She even called her mother before the crash to try and explain that she needs help but she couldn’t find the word to ask. She didn't even know if her mother loved her, as she said people just would just throw out “love you” and not even mean it. Liz’s whole life was surrounded by sadness and depression. Early on in her life the day her childhood ended was the day her father died. As he was on the roof he was distracted by Liz when she was playing tag. Since he was distracted by her he lost his grip and fell off and died. Ever since that day she has been consumed with the thoughts that it is her fault. As she grew up she realized that she had to be mean to fit in with everyone else. She would bully people without even knowing them just to fit in with their popularity circle. One example of her bullying was to this new girl that was different, and being different was weird, and weird people god bullied. Years later she ended up in the abitchewary with causes of death suicide and the people that gave her a speech saying “she will always be remembered” were the kids that bullied her, and drove her to do such a…show more content…
Liz thought nothing of herself and that she was worthless she would look up to people and try to pull them down to her level by bullying, doing drugs, and other wrong decisions that would not help her, just making things worse. Liz didn’t care though and every bad decision that she made, every kid she bullied came back and bit her with the depression and sadness she had, and it just kept building up and she could not handle it anymore, the only way out was to not be in the world anymore. She thought of death as escape but she didn’t realize that was a permanent solution to just temporary problems in high school. Overall in the book Falling Into Place, Amy Zhang uses characterization to establish the theme of depression is a huge part of teenagers lives and how it can affect the people around you that love you, not just yourself when you decide to make the decision to end it
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