Defining Macbeth of William Shakespeare's Play

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Defining Macbeth of William Shakespeare's Play

A hero is a man who is idealized for possessing superior qualities in

any field.

A villain is a main evil character and antagonist to the hero.

(Collins Shorter Dictionary).

This essay will explore whether Macbeth was a villain or not. Macbeth

may be the main character whom the play focuses on. This is because he

saved his country from defeat in the beginning of the play. Then he

becomes a villain by killing the king and many other people.

Therefore, the play mainly focuses on Macbeth’s action. So therefore,

he can be called both a hero and a villain. Macbeth also can be called

a traitor like the old Thane of Cawdor, because he endangered his

country and turned his back on his friends.

Why was he the hero to the country? Some people may ask, because most

of Scotland's soldiers died or fled the battle. Macbeth and a few

other soldiers were left. Macbeth never lost hope and stayed until

Thane of Cawdor was defeated. King Duncan obviously likes Macbeth,

because he saved his country from defeat. Not only the king likes

Macbeth, everyone does. This is shown when Sergeant says

"For brave Macbeth-well he deserves that name."

(Act1 scene 2 line 16)

Even King Duncan respects Macbeth for example when he says

"O valiant cousin! Worthy gentleman."

(Act 1 scene 2 line 24)

Killing King Duncan needed a lot of bravery, because if anyone found

out, or Macbeth was stopped somehow he would have been executed. The

awful deed needed a lot of bravery and determination, which Macbeth

had in abundance. But he did not have more determination than his

wife, because at a point she said

"Had he not reassembled my father as he slept I had don't."

(Act 2 scene 2 line 13)

Macbeth knew if he was caught, he would have been executed that is why

he did not want to kill Duncan. For example, when Macbeth doubted

killing King Duncan he said

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that macbeth can be called both a hero and villain.
  • Opines, "i dare do all that may become a man."
  • Explains that macbeth's murders became easier because he got used to it.
  • Analyzes how macbeth shows a lot of bravery, despite knowing he is going to die.
  • Opines that the man is saying he will fight until meat has come from his bones.
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