Deciding on Reality

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How do we decide on an objective reality? In “The Yellow Pill”, by Rog Phillips, two men are in constant debate over what is real. Although they never agree at the same point in time, both men change their minds during the course of events. In the beginning of the story, “Elton” is examining a patient, Jerry, who is accused of murdering five supermarket shoppers, one police officer and wounding two others. Jerry is convinced both men are in a spaceship and that he only killed Venusian lizard pirates in self-defense. Because Jerry is so sure and confident of this space reality, “Elton” begins to question his own reality. He takes a yellow pill, and wakes up to find himself on a spaceship. The hallucination is broken; he realizes he is really Gar Castle, and that Jerry was telling the truth.
Although the men never agree on reality at the same time, they both agree that the yellow pill cures hallucinations. Jerry says, “They [the yellow pills] can’t hurt anything but a delusion” (Phillips 2). Gar also states, “They [the yellow pills] almost triple the strength of nerve currents from ...
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