Debbie And Julie: The Story Of Debbie And Julie

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Debbie and Julie is a story about a pregnant girl, Julie, who ran away from home just five months earlier. The story starts with Julie leaving Debbie's apartment while she is in labour. Debbie had been taking care of Julie, but she had gone away with her boyfriend. Julie went to a shed, as she had planned out, to give birth to her baby. After giving birth, she left the baby in a telephone box, where it was found and brought to the hospital, just a short while after. Julie decided to go home after giving birth to the baby. She covered up the fact, which she had blood all over her, and was in pain when going home to her parents. Her parents were very tearful when Julie returned home, they were afraid to ask her questions about her disappearance…show more content…
She gave birth to her baby in a shed and soon after left her baby in a telephone box. When Julie first abandoned her baby, she seemed to be very confident of her decision. When she left her home five months earlier, it seemed like she wanted to keep the baby and that's why she left, but after living with Debbie she changed her mind and decided to abandon the baby. At her parents' house, she saw her baby, Rosie, on the television and got a little jealous of the nurse holding her. I defiantly think Julie made a mistake abandoning the baby; already when she got home, just a few hours later, she seemed to be upset and regretful for leaving the baby. I think she could have figured something out with her parents, just like her aunt Jessie, I don't think any parent would abandon their child and grandchild in a situation like…show more content…
In the text we see Julie’s mother having a hard time giving physical love to Julie, like hugging her or letting Julie sleep in her bed, where Debbie, on the other hand, lets Julie feel loved. In the text on page 18 from line 27 to line 34, we hear about how deprived Julie had felt at home, “Julie lay entangled with Debbie, and they were like two cats that have finished washing each other and gone to sleep, and Julie knew how terrible she had been deprived at home, and how empty and sad her parents were…” Julie wants to be held and feel loved. She thinks her parents are sad; they don’t really touch each other or express love for anyone including Julie. I sure Julie’s mother loves her, but she doesn’t show it and properly has a hard time expressing it. It kind of seems like Julie’s mother has a hard time understand Julie, and she can’t cope with that. So I defiantly think Debbie’s capacity for love is bigger than the
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