Death Of A Salesman vs Death of a Hired Man

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Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has at least one relationship in there relationship in there life, and if there lucky they will have more. Two pieces of literature that illustrate the theme of relationship are Arthur Miller's play Death of a Salesman, and Robert Frost's poem "The Death of a Hired Man". The authors use of characterization and symbolism proves the theme of relationship, among Willy and his son Biff and spouse, and Mary and her child Warren, and spouse.

In the play Death of a Salesman, Willy who is the father figure in this play to his son Biff , and a husband to his wife linda. Willy is the type of man who needs to be constantly reminded that he is a good person, an attractive person, a person that people like. "I'm fat. I'm very foolish to look at, linda."says Willy (Miller 24). Willy's wife Linda is Willy's rock. He depend on her for support and she is happy to enable him in his choices whether they be good or bad."How can i mention it to him? Everyday i go down and take the little rubber pipe. But, when he comes home i put it back where it was." says Linda (Miller 43). Biff, who is Linda and Willy's first born has so much pressure on him. His father wishes that he would fallow in his footsteps as a salesman, but Biff sees the struggle of his dad and doesn't want to have to go through that. Willy and his son have a very bad relationship because of an affair that willy had with a college. "You picked me?"says willy "I did i've been sitting at the desk watching all the salesman go by, day in day out. But you've got such a sense of humor, and we we do have such a good time together." says willys mistress (Miller 25).

In "Death of a Hired Man" Mary is a mouther figure to her one son Warren, and a wife to her husband Silas. She is a supportive, protective, optimist that thinks there can be no underlining reasons for things only the ones they are let you on to. "He said he'd come to ditch the meadow for me." "Of course he did. What would you have him say?" says mary (Frost 90). Warren on the other side is a total pessimist and a total sceptic on and about everything unlike his mouther.
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