David and the Five Loaves

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DAVID’S ACTIONS COMPARED TO OTHER KINGS Another question that be discussed is, “How does David’s actions as a future king compare to the actions of kings in other nations?” In 1 and 2 Samuel we see that the king of Israel is not all powerful. Both Saul and David are shown to be under the law of God. Saul does not do what God tells him to do and God makes it so that Saul’s son will not become king.14 David has sex with another man’s wife and then has that man murdered and God kills the child conceived out of David’s adultery.15We also see that the king of Israel is under the power of God as well as the power of the law. When Solomon builds places of worship to God’s other than YAHWEW and worships at them, God makes someone else king over ten of the twelve tribes of Israel. Solomon’s son only rules over the tribes of Benjamin and Judah.16 The king being under both the authority of God and the law was a rare occurrence among other nations. In Egypt the Pharaoh was viewed as a God and as such he was under no one else’s authority .16 The Egyptians believed that it was the Pharaoh who was responsible for the proper function of the Nile, the fertility of the crops, and he made sure the sun illuminated the earth. It was the Pharaoh’s job to protect the land and maintain order. If the land suffered the people believed it was because the Pharaoh was weak and was unable to maintain order. They believed that order would only be restored when a strong king takes the throne and restores order to the land.17 In Persia the king was under the law, but he was the person who made the law. This is seen in Ester 1 when king Ahasuerus banishes his own wife in a drunken rage and could not repel the law. Once the king set a law it could not be undon... ... middle of paper ... ...CLUSION The story of the shewbread shows the importance of making wise decisions. David came to the city of Nob seeking help from its inhabitants, and yet when they asked why he was there he lied to them. He told them he was on a mission for the king, when in reality he was running from the king. This caused the people of Nob to commit treason against the king by helping Saul’s enemies and because of David’s lie the people of Nob were executed for treason. In the New Testament Jesus even said that David’s actions were unlawful. While the king of another kingdom may have been able to justify the act by claiming that they were a king and above the law, David cannot make that claim. Unlike the pharaoh who was a God King or Darius who makes the law, David was under the authority of God. This means that David still had to obey Gods Law and be subservient to God’s will.

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