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656 words

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”, as told by Aristotle. As an artist myself, I find myself keeping in connection with not solely my artwork but of artworks from other artists. Therefore, I decided to visit The Dallas Museum of Art in which I absolutely enjoyed my experience not only because my passion revolves around art, but I familiarized myself with numerous types of arts from various cultures. I had started off my experience with contemporary art which held me captivated in awe. Numerous paintings had unexpected color combinations and brush strokes that gave the artworks interest. One of the paintings that evoked my curiosity depicted an 18th century maid who sat at a small round table with her head laid between her arms on top of the table. Her face hid between her arms. Something about the woman hiding her face didn't seem right. Her body language set a mood of depression. I wanted to know the look in her eyes; the look that could tell …show more content…

This collection included creations from the Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures in which I had learned how culture had effect on artwork. I also encountered one of my favorite paintings, Oedipus at Colonus by Giroust. In this painting, a man with a bared chest and a scarlet cloth flowing from his waist, sat on a bench in front of a Roman building. His hand stretched out to his right and his palm imitated “stop”. A blonde woman in a blue dress knelt on the man’s left side, begging with her hands perched up on his knees. The man’s palm faced a young soldier in his red and gold Roman uniform. The soldier seemed upset but the man resented from looking at him for the man’s head turned to the left away from the soldier. Due to its deep sense of dramatics and intense value among it colors and characters, it became one of my favorites. In a way, it seemed contrary to the Prodigal

In this essay, the author

  • Describes their passion for art and the dallas museum of art.
  • Describes how they were captivated by contemporary art's unexpected color combinations and brush strokes. one of the paintings evoked their curiosity.
  • Analyzes how the ancient mediterranean and european art followed the collection of contemporary art. they also encountered one of their favorite paintings, oedipus at colonus by giroust.
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