Per Reporter Dae Veir At The Bridge For Youth

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Reason Case was accepted for Investigation:

On 04/20/2017, Hennepin Child Protection accepted a report alleged neglect and failure to provide necessary shelter to Dae’veir Johnson by his father, Mr. Brian Johnson. Per reporter Mr. Johnson did not pick up his son Dae’veir after school. Per reporter Dae’Veir walked to 1931 5th street south, which he said is his babysitter’s house. Per reporter no one was home there, and Dae’Veir called 911 and MPD picked him up. Per reporter, police attempted to call Mr. Johnson and he did not answer. Per reporter Dae’Veir reported when he called his father, he answered but hung up. Per reporter, police were able to secure a bed for Dae’Veir at The Bridge for Youth.

Outcome of Assessment:
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Mr. Johnson stated that he works for D&B full time at Fridley, MN and works on night shifts. He reported a few days ago, he was done with work and took the blue train to help his friend and ended up falling sleep in the blue train. He reported that he was very tired that day and no one woke him up. He reported after couple hours the transit officer woke because he was a sleep for long time in the train. He reported that they woke him up around 8pm. He reported after right away he realized that he needs to pick up his son Dae'Veir from the school. He reported since it was 8pm he told the transit officer that his son is missing and needs to call 911 to find his son. He reported that he called the police and they helped him find his son at the Bridge Youth shelter. He reported that he went to the shelter and picked his son up from the shelter. He reported no concerns with his son and the shelter he was staying. Mr. Johnson stated his son appeared well and he was playing basketball with other children at the shelter.
Mr. Johnson reported that he moved to Minnestoa from Atlanta to be near his four children. He reported before leaving Atlanta Mr. Johnson and Ms. Cynthia had agreement on moving close location to his children and that they co-parent their children together. Mr. Johnson reported after transferring his job to Minnesota to relocate near his children Ms. Cynthia was nowhere to be find. Mr. Johnson reported that he did not see his …show more content…

Dae’veir reported that his father works at night and leaves home around 8pm. He reported that his father picks him up from school and they hang out until he goes to work.
This worker asked about the allegation. Dae’Veir reported that his father recently did not pick him up from the school. He reported that he left school alone and went to his babysitter’s home and found no one at the apartment. Dae’Veir reported that he used his cell phone and called 911. This worker asked Dae’Veir the reason his father was no show. He stated that his father was tired and ended up sleeping in the train because he was tired.
Dae’Veir reported that he was at the Bridge shelter waiting for his father to pick him up. He reported after few hours his father came and took him to home. He reported that he hangs out with his father after school and they go home before bedtime. They stay outside and eat dinner together before heading to home together.
This worker asked Dae’Veir about his mother. He reported that he used to live with his mother and siblings at Iowa. Dae’veir reported that he missed his father and likes staying with him. He reported that he wants to stay with his father instead his

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