Cultural Values: The Republic Of Korea's Culture

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Every community in the world has its identity and a particular way in which it bases its

values. Modes of behavior are what can be used to understand any particular social group.

Culture varies from one community to the other; some communities have similar cultural values.

It is therefore very important to keep in mind, recognize and respect a community’s culture in

any given time in the presence of that particular community to avoid disagreements.

The Republic of Korea has a very rich culture, very distinctive from most of the other

communities in the world. Its identity is greatly characterized by how it natures its values and

how it maintains these values. The values can be based on ethnical background, social

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Culture is always based on some rules that govern socially acceptable behavior. These

behaviors can be ethical or morally right.

Koreans have strict grounds on matters concerning etiquette. People of lower status bow

people of higher status when greeting them, and the most senior person is the one who is allowed

to initiate a handshake. In a social gathering, one is supposed to wait to be introduced and

should say good-bye and bow to each person individually before leaving.

Song 4

One is not supposed to offer an expensive gift to a person knowing that they cannot

afford to reciprocate the same. The Korean people consider certain numbers as lucky or

unlucky. Number four is considered unlucky, and gifts should not be given in multiples of four.

Number seven is considered as a lucky number (De Mente, 5).

Dressing is treated with much concern in the Korean culture. Business clothes should

always be conservative.

The Korean etiquette norms are not biased, but they are very strict. This can be confused

with biases by other communities in the world.

Men are allowed to shake hands while maintaining eye contact and women are allowed
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