Cultural Impact Of Jazz

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In 1987 the Jazz Preservation Act (JPA) was passed, which defined jazz as a Black American art form. In doing this it placed race, cultural identity and values as identifying factors in making jazz a Black American art form. After the passing of the JPA, there has been a surge of singers, recording companies, book publishers, etc., who have worked diligently to preserve the music and history of jazz. This process has been far from simple as it has required a balancing act of social and musical aspect of jazz to tie it to black culture and America. On June 13, 1993 President Clinton spoke to dignitaries and some of the most famous jazz musicians at the same time in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Newport Jazz Festival. President Clinton in scripted remarks spoke of the role of jazz on the American culture related to black American’s and the international position of jazz, “It’s especially important that we should be together here in America’s house to celebrate that most American of all forms of musical expression, jazz. Jazz is really America’s classical music. Like the country itself, and especially like the people who created it, jazz is a music born of struggle but played in celebration” (Farley, 2011, pg. 113). The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) played an integral role in introducing jazz to a broader population under chairman Frank Hodsdoll, who advocated for projects that brought …show more content…

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