Criticism for Margaret Fuller’s “Autobiographical Sketch”

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In order to somewhat comprehend Fuller’s riveting real-life stories, we must step back and remember that her time period is much different than ours (early 1800s). Back then, the people with right minds wouldn’t dare to go against norms or traditions of an in-line kept society, for the fear of being shunned and shamed. Nonetheless, this story really spoke to me, in terms of Ms. Fuller having a head start on all of her life experiences. She had no other siblings in the household to interact with her like normal children, she had no other playmates. The theories I decided to use in order to bring her work under different light, are “Queer theory” and “Psychological theory”. I believe that Ms. Fuller was really deep in her writing, especially in reflective pieces where she talks about her dear soul mate. She went through so much for the 40 years she lived, and most of it, in her childhood.
When Fuller was a little girl, she only grew up with her father for her mother had passed away. This could have lead her father to raise her as a boy. In the 1800s, it was the males who were allowed to read and study, but she had broken a norm. She was heavily influenced in all literate intellect as a child, but it came with a price-her sanity. She describes it as “ The consequence was a premature development of the brain that made me a “youthful prodigy” by day, and by night a victim of spectral illusions, nightmare, and somnambulism.”(199) Again, I doubt that any child her age went through this, thus another norm was broken. When she said that “Ever memorable was the day on which I first took a volume of SHAKESPEARE in my hand to read”(212), this shows that this memory was very dear to her. Although her father prohibited the reading of Shakes...

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...aking and heart warming situations. Through it all, we can learn so much from a different era. For example, we all take this idea of friendship and think that its ok to take friends for granted because there are so many of them online in our era. The way that Fuller had her friendship with her soul mate, that is a heck of a friendship. If only our modern society recognized such wisdom, we might be in different mindsets that appreciate true rock-solid friendships. I do not blame Fuller’s father for messing up her childhood, simply because the absence of a mother is devastating. Mothers are the creatures who bring humans into the earth and nurture them to ultimately give them a compassionate side. Fuller learned from her father how to stand firm on her own to feet and not to be afraid of the unknown. Her soulmate had given her the embodiment of a sister and a mother.

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