Crime And Crime Case Study

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Crime and Popular Culture Take Home Test
1. The connection between Crime Law and Popular Culture is reciprocal and full of events. Its nature gets the most obvious during the historical periods when new particular Crime Laws are launched that are aimed to reshape a state of a popular culture (for example, a prohibition of alcohol that shaped the look and feel of American Mafia) or among the most borderline marginal popular cultures (for example, hip hop culture of 1990th). Therefore, as well as Crime Law often structures the marginal cultures that act on borderline of law, the activity of certain popular culture group may influence changes in Criminal Law.
A significant part of modern popular culture centers on topics of criminal world and/or crime investigation. This topic concerns literally all genres of popular entertainment, from movies and series to TV-broadcasting and popular music. The history of silent cinema literally begun with Grand Train Robbery that launched the genre of Western, which continued to explore the notion of Law and Jurisdiction during historical era of colonization of Wild West for a century. Criminal Drama generally continue to be one of the most successful cinematographic genres both in a form of detective story (especially
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cases of “Sunny” Jacobs, Jesse Tafero and Walter Rhodes, etc. These cases reveal the flaws of American justice system, since the sentences involving plea bargain are given without proper evidences, the defendants are often forced to them by lawyers, and, moreover, these sentences are hard to cancel even if the further investigation reveals a real criminal. The case of Jessee Tafero and Walter Rhodes is especially representative one because of its unfortunate consequences and the nature of the crime that seems to be unclear even after plea bargain of a defendant and the confession of a supposed

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