Crazy Horse Synthesis Essay

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Monuments are powerful tools that can keep ideas and people alive for centuries. They can bring people into the past, honor heroes, and simply be used to remember significant historical events. When creating a memorial meant to represent an influential person or event, it is important to consider what the figure stood for, the cost and financial support of the memorial, and how the community will feel about the memorial's meaning and presentation. When an agency decides to construct a monument, the legacy of the figure should be a major factor in its construction. It is important to accurately represent the intentions of an influential person when honoring them, as this determines the public’s opinion on a monument. The careful selection of …show more content…

A figure’s legacy can, however, negatively influence the public’s opinion of a monument’s construction. In a South Dakota mountain, the likeness of Crazy Horse, an influential Sioux leader, has been inconsistently carved since 1948 (Source C.) Despite the creator’s good intention, wanting to honor Crazy Horse, Korczak Ziolkowski overlooked public opinion of his statue, which Sioux locals believe is disrespectful as it isn’t known what Crazy Horse looked like. This ignorance of the public’s opinion created a negative view of a monument simply meant to honor Sioux culture. Funding is another majorly important factor in the construction of a monument, as maintenance is often necessary, and monuments can be expensive to create. A monument without prior reputation can fail, and lose economic support if it is not well known by the public. H. Elroy was immortalized in a proposed statue called “The Maine Lobsterman” (Source: …show more content…

Location is one of the many parts of the presentation, and it should be chosen carefully based on the sincerity of the monument, especially when it comes to memorials. A Holocaust memorial was proposed to be made inside The Mall in Washington, D.C. (Source E). This choice of location sparked controversy, and faced delay due to the backlash. With more careful consideration and a more appropriate choice of location, construction could have been far more effective, and the monument could have better served its purpose as a positive way to remember history and the Holocaust victims. The visual aspect of a monument is also very significant in the public’s opinion. Maya Lin designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C., being careful not to obstruct the natural scene (Source G). Using a gentle touch and thoughtful process, Lin created a monument that compliments the nature around it and provides a place for visitors to remember loved ones without offense. The creation of a monument is a delicate process that meets the

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