Craig Gilner

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What does it mean to “live well”? To live well can mean a variety of different things depending on who you are as an induvial. Each person has different ideas with how they feel they should live their life and what it means to live well. “One impulse from a vernal wood may teach you more of a man, of moral evil and of good, then all the sages can.” – William Wordsworth. To live well for one person may mean to forget the commotion around and seek nature for wisdom rather than look to books. For another living well may mean pursuing a dream in a city, right in the middle of all the commotion. More can be taught by the settings around then the things going on in daily life. In the film “It’s Kind of a Funny Story,” protagonist Craig Gilner learns …show more content…

When Craig Gilner woke up that morning in a panic, he realized what he was feeling was more than just reoccurring suicidal dreams. He understood the emotions he was feeling were very real and not about to just go away. One would expect that the person would try to do so, except Craig did otherwise and checked himself into the hospital. “I guess maybe I didn’t really wanna kill myself, but I kinda did.” - Craig. At first, Craig didn't think there was any way for anything to get better, but then he met Bobby, a man somewhere in his thirties having a hard time with life. Bobby was the one to take Craig under his wing, over time as Craig learned about Bobby's experiences, trying to commit suicide, this made Craig reflect on himself and his own problems. “You’re cool, you’re smart, you’re talented. You have a family that loves you. You know what I would do just to be you for just a day? I would do so much.” – Bobby. This statement really hit the heart for Craig, he realized all the things that were holding him back from enjoying life. Craig initial attitude when walking into the adult ward was "I don't belong here." But each day he began to realize all the things that held him back, that lead to him going into the adult ward, to begin with, His stress about school, family, friends. His anxiety preventing himself from showing the kind of person he is.

As we learned in this essay, to live well means a variety of different things, but for Craig Gilner to live well was to be the best version of himself. To take chances and do things that he never thought he would do, to fight against his stress and anxiety and move forward. To not let anything hold him back and to appreciate all the wonderful things life has to offer, like his family, Noelle, and his

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