Contraceptive Methods

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Contraceptive methods These days many modern techniques have been improved to prevent the unintended pregnancies : 1. Combined oral contraceptives or “the pill” DESCRIPTION Contains 2 hormones (estrogen and progestogen) HOW IT WORKS Prevents the release of eggs from the ovaries (ovulation) EFFECTIVENESS TO PREVENT PREGNANCY : >98% with correct and constant use 93% as commonly used 2. Progestogen-only pills or "the minipill" Description Contains only progestogen hormone, not estrogen How it works Thickening of cervical mucous to block semen and egg from mating and prevents ovulation. Comments 98% with correct and consistent use 90–95% as commonly used COMMENTS : Can be used while breastfeeding Should be taken at the same time each day. 3. Implants Description : Small, flexible rods or capsules placed under the skin of the upper arm; contains progestogen hormone only. How it works : Same mechanism as Progestogen-only pills. Effectiveness to prevent pregnancy : 96% as commonly used >98% with correct and consistent use Comments : Health-care provider must insert and ...
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