Conservatives and The Environment an Article by Mark Eliot Shere

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Mark Eliot Shere states in his article, “Building trust: Conservatives and the environment,” that “People are responsible for the natural world because this world has been entrusted to us by a higher Creator.” Everyone has a part in keeping God’s creation what He made it to be by preserving and restoring it. A specific way that Christians can do this is by recycling. Some areas of recycling that will be covered in the next few paragraphs are: what exactly is recycling, the fact that God created everything, and the three R’s of recycling. Also, does recycling really matter, can you really make a difference, and how? When going through this you, keep one thing in mind; God placed each person here on His creation to prepare them for great things. As Christians, you can help preserve and restore God’s wonderful creation, called Earth, by recycling.
First, what is recycling? The definition of recycle is “to make something new from (something that has been used before)” (Merriam-Webster). There are a lot of different ways to define the word recycle. For example, some Christians see recycling as a fresh start for something. Some see it as them restoring this wonderful Earth that God has placed everyone on temporarily until they reach Heaven. However each person sees it, every person should do their very best to keep this land that God created, beautiful.
Second, God created everything. In Genesis it says, that it took the Lord seven days to create everything. It says that on the first day He created the Heavens and the Earth. On the second day, He created daylight and darkness. He also created water and land and even separated them. The third day, He ordered the Earth to sprout seeds and there were plants ...

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...comes convincing” (Merritt, Mohler Jr., & Beisner, 2010). So not only are you being a witness, but you are also preserving and restoring God’s wonderful creation, called Earth, by recycling.

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