Computer Security: The Threat Of Computer Security

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Computer security is very essential to proyect against the threats caused to computing system which happen because of it's vulnerability. Threat to computing security takes place by a person, event or circumstance may be intentionally for sake of finance or unintentionally by deleting some of the important data. A threat agent depends on method, opportunity and motivation. Method is a knowledge to attack , oppurtinity to access the necessary information and motive behind the aatack. In olden days during 1980's and 1990's it is done for the sake of personal fame, but in 2000's it is for financial purpose to gain profits. Cyber criminals are merging with established crime and espionage forces for the financial rewards. The misuse of internet has also increased drasticaly. Cyberterrorism is one of the biggest issue to hack a nations sensitive data and military plans. This attacks are also called as cyberwarfare of information warfare which are very difficult to trace out the identinty or the souce of origin at the point of attack. computer security safe guards the computer in three ways by failure of availibility, intengrity and confideliaty or privacy. Failure of availbility is the denial of service for which is a serious threat to life and society as now more are more dependent on computers. Integrity is the returning of programs exactly as what they are. Any modifications to programs must be made only by an authorized person to maintain the accuracy, quality and precisoin of the data. The third one is the privacy which is an inappropriate disclouser of data. A security policy is the one that defines the actions to be authorized, access to resources and what to be protected against what threat in order to achieve the ... ... middle of paper ... ...ection Systems supervise in order to warn about the attack which may be imminent, underway or has occured. Intrusion Prevention Systems operating like the detection systems identifying the ongoing attacks and also predict and stop the intrusion about to occur. Finally when the attack has occured the affected system will study the attack to know what has occured , how to prevent the eoccurence and the level of damage. The computer seience forensics study the attack and they act much like any other investigation system diong the assemblance of important piece of evidence and suggest the connections among the piece of evidence using their experience. The Computer Emergency Response Teams is also another organization dealing with security of computer by collecting data about vulnerabilities and attack patterns and warn them about the danger and possible counter measures.

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