Computer Memory: The Memory Of A Computer

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Memory is the function of storage in a computer comes in a lot of different sizes, types and shapes. There are two basic categories: short-term and long-term. A classic computer contains several types of memory including RAM, ROM, cache, and various long-term storage devices. Each type of computer memory serves a detailed function and purpose. Computer memory is dignified in bytes. A single byte is made up of a series of 1's and 0's normally traveling in sets of eight. These eight 0's and 1's are the way the computer communicates and stores information. With each character a byte of memory is used. Power Supply is the power supply comes with the case, but this factor is mentioned separately since there are several types of power supplies. The one you should get depends on the necessities of your system. ROM: memory is lasting, long-term, and doesn't disappear when the computer is shut off. It also cannot be deleted or changed in anyhow. Yet there are types of ROM that can be changed. The P stands for programmable RAM- random-access memory unlike ROM works only when the computer is turned on. This memory is animated to the computer because it controls the moment by moment processes of the computer. The first thing that occurs into the RAM is the OS (operating system) which is most cases is Windows 95. Early personal computer only needed about 64K of RAM. Today that number is extremely higher. With photos, sounds, and even movies going into RAM, the quantity need is now in the millions. The computer I am currently using has 90 MB or 80,000K of RAM. Multitasking has put more claims on RAM in the past few years. Multitasking is the talent to run more than one program at the same time. For example, many people like to run Netscap... ... middle of paper ... ...ex web applications lightning fast. Keyboard This is where the user enters text orders into the computer. I usually stay with less expensive keyboards. There are keyboards with a changed feel or sound when key pressing is done. Some people are particular about the feel and sound. If you are, you may want to spend a little more for your keyboard. You may even want to buy it from a trade store so you can test the feel of it. There are special keyboards with extra functions on them for such things. Mouse A point and click boundary for entering commands which works well in graphical environments. Wi-Fi this is where you can connect to the internet and search things online . modem: router is for the Wi-Fi connection, it is also called a modem. Hardware’s: that you will use! Internet browser Google chrome (is the fasted out the three) Firefox Mozilla
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