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Without dragging on a long history and kill the excitements, I would just get started here, Charles Babbage created the first computing machine in 1822. He wasn’t planning to actually built a real computers that had millions of software’s in it but indeed a computer that actually solved math problem. He was sick of correcting math problems that all human brains couldn’t solve, therefore he thought of inventing something that would help him solve the headache, but then what he finally was a computer. Computer! What is an computer. As we all know computer is device storing and processing data, typically that binate, according to instructions given to it in a variable program. Computers are also known as PC, laptop, netbook, ultraportable, desktop or even terminal. A brief history on how was a computer was invented, computer was originally found being used in 1613 that meant “ humans who perform calculation and computations. The definition of a computer never changed until 19th century when humans began to realize machines never get tired and can perform calculations much accurately and effectively than any human beings that could ever do. More on, in World War II, mechanical analog computers were used for specialized military applications. During this time the first electronic digital computers were developed.the digital computers were a size of a large room,and it consumed power as 50 over personal computers. The machine contained fifty-foot long camshaft that carried the machine’s thousands of component parts. To prodeuced mathematical tables the MARK -1 was used but than soon it was superseded by stored program computers. Then after, John von Neumann the first man who wrote First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC in which... ... middle of paper ... clicks, and it has WiFi but it has no DVD slot nor traditional USB ports. It superiority in multimedia, has two built-in cameras main camera and back camera, it also supports traditional Web and email. Knowing its functions can help you decide if the iPad is right for your business needs. This contains, media center, web browser, message hub, organizer and planner, and social media manager, such a handy devices that has all in it. To a 2years old infant up to old folk everyone prefers this smart devices as they don’t consume a room space, much power or nor its not heavy. As I believe this world of invention would not sleep until our genius brother inventors turns this earth to a space that will be then called ‘THE WONDERS’ . I believe that there will be more changes persuading in the years to come as we have already travelled so far.

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