Comparison: The Storm and Are These Actual Miles

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It is a late afternoon; the beagles are chirping, as they fade into the sunset, the waves are crashing along the seashore. The diamond ring reflects the rays of the sun on the woman’s finger, from a distance. The man beside her gives her his full attention. As he reaches for her hands, he comes closer to her, staring into her lovely eyes, while his fingers run through her silky hair, down onto her lips. He picks her up into the cold breeze, holding her tightly, not wanting to let go. The creases of his smile express the happiness and the love he feels whenever he is around her. The man leans towards her to give her a kiss, which symbolizes his love for her. Is this the typical husband we know of everyday? No. In society, a husband is defined “as a married man” (“Husband”). In other words, a husband is a person who is in a legal relationship with another person. Kate Chopin portrays two different types of husbands through two main characters, Bobinot and Alcee, during the 1960’s in the story “The Storm.” Bobinot illustrate the meaning of a husband because he demonstrates the attributions of a night shining armor to his wife, Calixta. In contrast, Alcee represents the opposite of a faithful husband because he is dishonest and Raymond Carver in the 1980’s validates how the role of the husband has changed throughout time, similar to how Alcee does not take his marriage or his wife seriously. A husband is not only a married man, but also someone who is respectful, faithfully, and understanding.
There are two kinds of husbands in society; one who lacks respect, loyalty, faithfulness, and responsibility toward their spouse, and the other one who contains all the attributions of a prince charming. Based on the husband’s culture, it will...

... middle of paper ... the same mistakes? One would think that having this information it will lead them to pick better husbands, however they seem to fall back into the status quo. They do not want change because they are afraid of the outcome. How can men improve their stereotype? First of all they have to start by behaving like Barack Obama, Ricky Ricardo, and Bobinot in order to change this bad image that men have, hence women would start picking their adequate husbands.

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