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On November 15, 1959, four members of the Clutter family were murdered in their own house in the small town of Holcomb, Kansas in the middle of the night by two strangers looking for money that was never there. The story of the murder and its consequences has been told in the book In Cold Blood by capote' class='brand-secondary'>Truman Capote as well as the movie In Cold Blood and the movie Capote. All three pieces tell the story about the family and the murderers, and all three pieces are interesting and entertaining, but it depends on every person 's interest to decide which of the three is better.
The book was based on the story, and the movie In Cold Blood was based on the book, the movie Capote on the other side, it 's the story about the author Truman Capote and his
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In this case, I would say that in the book In Cold Blood, Capote portrays the family as the perfect family in a perfect small town, and how when Perry and Dick came into their house, they didn’t have any other option than to obey them and do what they were asked to do. But in the movie In Cold Blood, we can see that they actually had problems with the son smoking, the father and the daughter fighting, and the mother with her depression. But, in the book they say that bonnie had to deal for several years with depression and his husband says she’s just getting better, but I feel like we didn’t have the chance to verify this, so it was great that in the movie in cold blood we can actually appreciate slightly changes in Bonnie that could mean she was actually getting better, like she standing up for nancy.
However, another change we can see from In Cold Blood, the movie, and the book, Is the moment when Perry is about to be executed and he apologizes and says “maybe I had something to contribute” as it says in the book In Cold Blood by Truman Capote page 340. This might be the biggest thing to be left out of the movie but it is a very meaningful and touching moment in both the book and the
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But to me, the most interesting one is Capote the movie. however, if someone is interested in the movie Capote, they would actually have to read the book In Cold Blood to understand the movie. So, I would say that the book and the two movies are all very important because it’s necessary to read or see one to understand the other. At the end, I would recommend this to someone I know likes crimes and non-fiction, and I would also say that individually I didn’t enjoy either of the pieces, but all together they were great and they definitely give people a deeper understanding of the book, the story, and the story behind the
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