Comparing the Theme of Nature as Presented by Thomas Hardy and John Keats

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Comparing the Theme of Nature as Presented by Thomas Hardy and John Keats

The theme of nature is a popular choice among famous writers of the

time like Thomas Hardy and John Keats. The theme of nature is one of

the most popular themes of writers of this time as it is a way that

the writer can express himself or herself through nature in a way the

people can relate to.

The first thing I noticed when reading the poems is that the writers

use nature in different ways to show their feelings whether it be

happy or sad, Beautiful or Bleak.

The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy is a more bleak, dark, dull poem.

The title ‘Darkling Thrush’ suddenly illustrates to the reader that

the poem is written in a dark style of writing.

This is shown through Hardy’s choice of Diction and his style of

writing. Words like ‘Haunted, Desolate Hard and Corpse’ allow the

reader to build an image of an isolated landscape.

His strong use of alliteration creates a dull image in the reader’s

mind examples of this alliteration are ‘Dregs made Desolate’, ‘bine-Stems

Scored the Sky’ and ‘Think There Trembled Through’.

Hardy also uses similes in his style of writing to grasp the reader’s

imagination and full attention. An example of his use of similes

would be ‘Like strings of broken lyres’ this shows Hardy’s dark

unknowingness of what will come of the death of agriculture.

The mood of the poem suddenly changes when Hardy’s view on life

completely turns around when he sees the Aged Thrush frail, gaunt and

small, which is used to portray a figure much like himself through the

theme of nature.

The thrush is whistling an ‘evensong’ and is just getting on with life

and doesn’t think of what may come in the future. This lifts Hardy’s

spirit and the poem then starts to create a sense of a calm

atmosphere. Hardy creates this imagery of a calm atmosphere through

words like ‘Carolling, ecstatic, blessed and hope.