Comparing The Third Wish And The Monkey's Paw

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“I warn you of the consequences” - “The Monkey's Paw” (page 89) this essay will be comparing and contrasting Two stories “The Monkey's paw” by w.w. Jacobs and “The Third wish” by Joan Aiken. In “The Monkey's paw” and “The Third Wish” the mood and setting are almost completely different, If it wasn't for the theme this book wouldn't be so similar .

The theme in both stories are the same it is be careful what you wish for. I know this because in the “Monkey's paw” even when the man says, “ I warn you of the consequences if you must wish, wish for something sensible” Mr.white still wishes for 200 pounds this was not a very sensible wish it was actually very selfish and childish. As a result That same day a man walked up to his door and says that Mr.white's son was caught in equipment and that, “they wish to present …show more content…

The setting for “The Third Wish” is mostly outside i know this because it states in the story on page 101 “The primroses were just beginning but the trees were still bare it was cold; the birds stopped singing an hour ago” this shows that he is outside enjoying the day. It also states on page 105 “ the mist rising off the river at sunrise and the feel of the water sliding off my feathers” she described a very relaxed setting outside. Sometimes the setting was in his house for example when he died the setting was in his house or when leita was having a bad dream and was talking in her sleep that was also in his

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