Comparing Beauty In Caucaia And The Bluest Eye

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Caucasia and The Bluest Eye both are the famous African American coming of age novel, they explored their idea of beauty in a majorly different way. One is emphasizing the relationship between beauty and social class levels, and the other is more focusing on how beauty make individuals passing their identity. To begin with The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison was sewing her novel tightly with the belief that the more beautiful and more expansive clothing you worn, the more powers you had. Morrison believes this idea is crossing entire America society no matter whites or blacks, from Shirley Temple to Maureen Peal. Shirley Temple, everyone knows that she was the iconic symbol of the American beauty. Even in the white people culture she is the ideally white child. Therefore, we can easily come up the idea that because she is so beautiful, she was powerful than most of the white people. So, if there is unbreakable wall between the racial gaps and the blacks can never be the whites, then being as beautiful as Shirley Temple is the only way to reach powers and upper classes. Maureen Peal is the most beautiful kid in the novels. Pecola thinks Maureen is the one most similar to the Shirley Temple. This beautifulness, …show more content…

Maureen tries to be powerful and she wants to be accepted by the white community or be accepted as upper class black people. In her mind that if she can be beauty as Shirley Temple, than no one will look down on her as a powerless black people. Birdie wants to be accepted as the cool black kid in the school and beautiful white girl in the New Hampshire. Therefore, there will be no one hate her, and everyone wants to be a friends with her, unlike Samantha. These two girls they both want to be recognized from their surroundings or cultures, and being beautiful only is a way of proving

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