Compare And Contrast The Veil And The Minister's Black Veil

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Ekshesh Wurwur Mrs.Engle Us literature 23 September 2015 Comparative essay The short story “The minister's black veil” by Nathaniel Hawthorne is about a minister whose wears a black veil as a symbol of how mankind in his/her nature is a sinner and whose faith is blinded as a black veil covers your eyes. The book more talks about how the minister is seen by the town after covering his face. “The birthmark” is another book by Nathaniel Hawthorne it talks about a married couple, the husband who is a man of science and the wife who is a woman of nature.The book describes the husband's search for perfection of his wife and the fight between nature and science. Both of Hawthorne’s book contain a description of nature guilt and sins. In “The minister’s black veil” The black veil Mr.hooper puts on is to prevent people from spying on his private life. The veil symbolized that human nature is blinded by sins and they way the town treated him after he started wearing the veil shows that there faith is blind they couldn't understand where he was coming from. “ Mr. Hooper's conscience tortured him for some great crime too horrible to be entirely concealed, or otherwise than so obscurely intimated. Thus, from beneath the black veil, there rolled a cloud into the sunshine, an ambiguity of sin or sorrow, which …show more content…

In "The Birthmark,". The birthmark on Georgiana is a physical imperfection., Hawthorne states that the only way to get perfection can only be through death and therefore is not possible, as shown by the death of Georgiana. The birthmark represents the flaws in the humans. Greed is one flaws of the imperfections, Aylmer was greedy for perfection and the the removal of the mark from his wife's face. This greed compared to Hawthorne’s “The Minister's Black Veil" the sins that the black veil represented. Hawthorne reveals and embraces the truth that is that all humans were veils to hide their

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