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Heaven and Hell Across the Religions Heaven can be defined as, the place where God lives and where worthy people go after they die according to certain religions, Hell can be interpreted as the opposite in which is a place where the devil resides and where evil people go after they pass on to the next life. Across various religions these two places are more than just definitions, each culture has a different representation of each. Throughout the world the main organized religions include; Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and Buddhism. At a glance, how does the representation of places of the afterlife across the religions differ, how are they similar? Christianity is the number one practiced religion out of the top five religions with an estimated total of 2.1 billion followers. (Pew Research Center 1) To Christians the place of heaven along with hell alike, appears within the religious belief’s sacred text called the Bible. A prime example of how the religion views these destinations comes from the book of Mathew in the bible. The scripture reads, “enter through the narrow gate. For wide is…show more content…
(Pew Research Center 1) Hinduism unlike Christianity or Muslim, is deemed to be the oldest surviving religion. Having a collective number of sacred texts, it differs from any other faiths. Being a polytheistic religion the views of Hinduism followers are diverse from what monotheistic religions would consider to be the norm. Again, this religion consists of a different approach to the notion of afterlife. Companions of the belief system, consider Moksha to be their form of heaven. Moksha is when an individual is liberated from the ongoing cycle of death and rebirth. This is known as the Hinduism form of hell called Samsara. Karma is the impression that what an individual does throughout their life cycle will depict a positive outcome, or

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