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CASE NAME: Archer vs New Columbia Type of Defense: I plan to use the defense that there was no crime committed in this case. This requires some proof that there was no way that the defendent could have committed the crime. The burden of proof that Archer did not commit the crime will have to move to the defense. Theory of the Case: This case is about an event that occurred during what is known as "Hell Night" at the university. The Gamma coed fraternity was doing their final tasks for their pledges. These tasks are often harmless tasks that are described as something more dangerous in order to scare the pledges. As part of these tasks, Milan Jackson was told to "raise the gamma flag." The intention was for Milan to hang a flag on the door of the fraternity house. However, before anybody could explain to her what her task entailed, she unblindfolded herself, ran up to the university's clock tower, and fell off. While she fell off, Chris Archer was attempted to grab Milan to stop her from falling before it was too late. Chris Archer …show more content…

They will try to create a narrative that Chris Archer intended to kill Milan Jackson in her task and that pushing her off of the ledge was the final straw. However, none of their witnesses were close enough to hear or see what was really going on. Archer states that they attempted to grab the shoulder of Milan to save her, while the prosecution's witnesses state that Milan was pushed from the shoulder. This part matches up and since they weren't close enough to know what was happening, they have no way of knowing what could have happened. Also, Pat lied in their statement by saying they recieved no money for the interviews with Dr. Mitchell. Tyler Johnson will actually help further the narrative of the kindness and goodheartnedness of Archer by discussing how they would have conversations for hours and be really open with each

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