Common Causes of Plane Crashes

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Being involved in an airplane accident is a nightmare scenario for any air travelers, crew and pilots alike. Statistically air travel is among the safest means of transport, but at the same time it is also associated with sporadic accidents that have proven to be extremely terrifying ordeals for all those involved due to a vast array of reasons. The causes of these accidents are of varying nature and depend on some problems that are originated during some stage of the flight process.

Main Causes of Plane Crashes

1. Decent and Landing Accidents

Airplane decent and landing accidents have been statistically proven to be one of the most common forms of airplane incidents. Ultimately accounting for about 37% airplane accidents, there are several different stages of the decent and landing process and several mechanical issues as well as a lack of focus on the part of the pilot can contribute to a faulty landing, ultimately resulting in a minor or fatal crash (Tullo, 2001).

2. Human Error

The primary cause is of airplane accidents does at some stage contain an element of a person being unable to discharge his duties correctly and in an accurate manner. More than 53% accidents are the result of ignorance or faults by the pilot during flight. Other staff is responsible for about 8% accidents. The most obvious errors by pilot are made during the take off or landing on the runway. Additionally errors can occur during the maintenance of the airplane outside the plane, whereby a lack of thorough inspection and oversight can lead to complication during mid-flight. Fueling and loading of the plane also sometimes create problems (Shapiro, 2001).

3. Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failure accounts for 25% of the airplane ...

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...ff. There are a few accidents that are reported occur during flight at medium or high altitude. There are a host of reasons for a plane crash but the primary reasons of airplane incidents include; human error, mechanical fault, harsh weather and sabotage.

In order to further decrease the number of airplane accidents stricter measures of evaluating an aircrafts operability prior to take off need to be implemented. Additionally, better training of pilots can also lead to a more preferable outcome should a problem arise as the pilot will be better equipped to handle an emergency.


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