College Tuition and Student Loan Debts

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Imagine finally graduating college, you are happy and ready to make a difference in the world. Only to find out that before you even start you are already swamped with debt. This is the problem hundreds of thousands of students face every year. Why are they in debt, you ask? They are in debt because of the rising price of college tuition and the student loans they took out to be able to afford attending in the first place. Rising tuition and student debt are gigantic problems, and they are ruining the American dream for millions of students across the world.

Student Loan Debt is a massive problem in this country, and it is something that needs to be figured out. Nearly 40% of Graduates under the age of 25 have student debt. That number has climbed 26% since 2004. The average student loan debt in the country is $26,600. That is a lot of money, that could be used in many better ways by the young minds of the U.S. Not only that but when leaving college it is becoming harder to find a job. College graduates under 25 years old have a 9% unemployment rate. There are nearly 2 million college graduates that do not have jobs right now. So not only do they have massive amounts of Debt but they don’t have any way of making the money to pay it off. However student debt would not be as much of a problem if it weren't for the cost of tuition going through the roof.

College tuition prices have been getting outrageous lately. Many student are reconsidering what they want to do because of it. Average tuition of a private college is usually around $30,000. A public college will cost you on average about $13,000 but that number varies a lot. Community college is much lower because they charge per class. As of right now the tuition fee is increa...

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...sing tuition and student debts are just one of the many problems this country has that are Destroying the American Dream for many. Something needs to be done about it and something will be done. There are millions of bright young minds out there waiting to make a difference. We just need to find the right one and we can fix this Problem as well as all the other this country has.

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